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The participants of the Alter Summit, held in Athens on June 7-8, 2013, make known their unanimous indignation with mass political repressions the Russian government has unleashed against social activists, opposing its domestic policies.

Having imposed a slanderous accusation of organizing disturbances and riots on Bolotnaya Square in May, 2012, the dependent Russian court started a trial against them on June 6, 2013. The hearing was preceded with many months’ imprisonment, which has already dramatically affected the health of those who were jailed. It is also necessary to point out that the youngest of the activists thrown into prison was at the time of the arrest only eighteen years old. The official charge is based on the provocative street clashes, initiated and skillfully carried out by the police and special service on the eve of the Inauguration Day of the Russian president elected in March, 2012. The ongoing arrests and the trial itself have already come into the present day Russian history under the name of Bolotnaya Political Process.

We demand that the Russian government stop the persecution of its political opponents and social activists; we express our solidarity with the victims of the regime and wish them to preserve courage and remain staunch.


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